Giddarbaha History

     Giddarbaha in its earliest stage was known as ‘Pepali’, named after the old tree ‘pipal’. Giddarbaha, means Pepali of that time, was a small village. It was very happy and small village with limited number of people. When Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji visited Pepali, they saw ladies of the village disturbed by the ‘giddar’ when they went to fetch water from the well. When Guru ji saw this, he inquired about the problem to which the villagers replied that everybody in this village is married except him (giddar). After knowing the problem, Guruji arranged the marriage of giddar. From there that village was renamed by the locals as ‘Giddar vivaha. It is Educationally very advanced two boys of this town are I.A.S. officers and many are super specialist Doctors & Engineers and many sattled in forgin countrys.
It Had six Main Gates namely Bharu Gate, Daula Gate, Husner Gate, Ghanta Ghar Gate etc. It is famous for snuff Factories in this town .It surpasses many cities in cleanliest sewerage system, broad roads etc. It has an impressive Railway Station & Plat Form. All the super fast trains halt at this Railway station.

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